Michael Ragozzino

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A playwright and aspiring activist, Michael is, by turns, delighted and repulsed by the farcical nature of American politics. Confounded and amused (and confounded again) by a lack of simple logic in public debate, Michael plans to go on to get his PhD and teach the pleasure of simple reason to subsequent generations of US citizens. A graduate of Harvard University, he believes governance by the intellectual elite is preferable to governance by the financial elite but regards elitism as off-putting in all of its forms. In fact, he plans to work tirelessly to end the stranglehold that elite athletes have on professional sports and that elite engineers have in designing the nation's infrastructure. If, like Michael, you care about democracy and the Constitution, and want to stop the elites from taking over, he asks you to join him in his latest crusade--to get elite pilots out of our nation's aviation system. Though he'd like to take credit for the latest recession he points out that it was the financial industry all by itself that abandoned elitism.