Our program is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers – in government, in non-profits, and in the private sector—as well as further graduate work at the doctoral level. Students in our program may choose from one of three concentrations: American Government, International Relations/Comparative Politics, or Environmental Politics and Policy Analysis. While we have three basic curriculums, the interests and aspirations of our students are quite diverse and therefore we allow each student, in consultation with the program directors, to develop a program of study which meets his or her unique interests and aspirations.

Our graduate students come into the program from a variety of different undergraduate backgrounds such as anthropology, global studies, history, philosophy, sustainable development, and political science. We encourage students to select courses that will enhance their knowledge of different areas of political science as well as those that teach useful skills. All classes help to promote better writing and research. Selected classes focus on more specialized areas such as survey research, statistical analysis, as well as program and policy evaluation. Students may also take classes from other departments within the university: cost-benefit analysis and GIS courses have been taken by a number of graduates. Some of our students also pursue certificates in one of several fields outside of the Department of Government & Justice Studies.

Please review the program of study available below. Remember that electives are chosen in consultation with advisors to help create the best individual program of study tailored to students' needs and interests.

Program Description in the Graduate Bulletin

We encourage any individual interested in our program to schedule an on-campus meeting to see our campus and meet with some of our faculty and students to discuss how our program fits their academic interests and aspirations.


Dr. Tatyana Ruseva
Director of the MA Program