The mission of the Appalachian State University Master in Political Science program is to educate and prepare students to serve the common good by fostering analytical and research skills, and foundational knowledge in political science.

The Political Science MA program involves a minimum of 33 credit hours, including 9-12 credits of core courses and 21-24 credits within the chosen concentration. The program typically takes 1.5 to 2 years to complete. Course electives are chosen in consultation with the program director to help create the best program of study tailored to students’ needs and interests. Students may also pursue a graduate certificate or a dual degree program within or outside of our department.

MA Political Science Program Overview Flyer

Careers in Political Science

The fundamental skills and knowledge you will develop through our program will equip you for positions in a variety of professional fields, including: legislative affairs, advocacy, research, education, public affairs and policy, nonprofit and government administration. Political science is not limited to government relations and enables you to obtain universal skills transferable to a range of sectors and organizations.  Some of our alumni work for state and federal governments, while others have chosen to teach at community colleges and/or secondary schools. Many have continued their studies by moving on to doctoral programs or law school.  Regardless of the professional field, today’s economy values  analytical and creative thinkers, effective communicators, and self-starters. 

Our program emphasizes the following skill sets:

  • Critical thinking and analysis

  • Information literacy and research skills

  • Data organization and management

  • Quantitative data analysis

  • Professional writing 

  • Effective communication with diverse audiences

  • Advanced knowledge in a substantive areas of political science

  • Professional development through internship experience