During their final semester in the program, students are expected to submit an EPortfolio and receive a passing grade. The portfolio asks students to assemble artifacts, assignments, and other text, video, or audio materials that demonstrate analytical, conceptual, communication, and professional skills in line with the four program goals and related student learning outcomes (SLOs). Students will be asked to write a reflection essay explaining how the various artifacts included in their portfolio illustrate a particular set of skills and knowledge outlined by the SLOs. This is an opportunity for students to reflect on their time in the Political Science graduate program, and the skills and knowledge they have gained.

Required components, details, and resources are included in the EPortfolio manual.


For Fall semester, EPortfolio is due the first Friday of November
For Spring semester, EPortfolio is due the first Friday of April

Guidelines and Rubric

EPortfolio Manual

Assessment Rubric

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)